"Hello, world!"
This is a great "string" but here are better ones:
const name = "My name is Ernane Luis Paixão Aguiar but call me Luis"
let Iam = "M.Sc 🖥 Computer Scientist"
let focusedOn = ["🌐 Web Development", "🅱️ Blockchain", "🎨 Design"]

I'm always interested in collaborations with developers, designers and crypto projects around the world. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or project inquiries.




Tokeny Solutions enables firms to realise fast onboarding, cost-efficient management and rapid transferability of private market securities.



Design and create website for Brazilian health startup Pickcells


2018-In progress

A Descentralized notary web all built on Etherem where accepts multiple signers and store signed documents at IPFS


2018-In progress

A light Bitcoin wallet built on react/redux

MyEtherWallet Desktop


A Desktop wrapper of the MyEtherWallet ethereum wallet using Electron

Graph Dynamics


Collaborate in the development of a python library to implement several algorithms for processing, machine learning and embedding of dynamic graphs

Ponto Saude


A personal project, helps users to find the nearest hospital or medical clinic near them. Have detailed information like: Services provided, Specialized Services, address and others.



Help users to follow exclusive news from Sport Club of Recife on your smartphone. SportNews allows permanent connection and interactivity between the club and the red-black nation. It is Sport online and in real time. Everything that happens on the day of all the modalities of the team.



A very fun fashion app that makes life easier for fashion lovers, you can publish a photo and quickly receive fashion reviews and also give opinions and inspiration from the publications of other users. There are thousands of users. Provide and receive opinions on Looks, makeup, accessories, hairstyles, etc.



Primeiramão is the largest classified newspaper in Brazil. Here you will find the best offers of cars, real estate, computer articles, products for your home and much more. You can buy and sell much more easily directly from your device.

Runner’s World Planes de Entrenamiento


Whatever your goal, you are at your fingertips with the Runner's World Training Plans app. Any type of rider will find a plan to suit you (initiation, intermediate or advanced) for your personal objective: from running 30 'without stopping to finish a marathon or the best mark in the 42 kilometers and 195 meters.


2015-2017 University of Bonn

Degree Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science

2013-2014 Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem (ELTE)

Exchange student for Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

2010-2015 Universidade Federal do Ceará

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science